How to get Vyond access by cookies

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How to get Vyond access by cookies

It’s so easy. By following a few steps you can get your Vyond access quickly. Bulk Tools BD gives you the best online tools at a low price.

A. Download Cookies Editor for your browser. (Chrome has better experience with Vyond)

Cookie Editor
Photo: Cookie Editor

B. Open your email and check you got access to Vyond. Also, you can find it with your share with me on Google Drive.  Copy the cookies you find there.

Google Drive
Photo: Google Drive
Vyond Access
Photo: Inbox Mail

C. Goto the login page of Vyond or Just Click this Link: https://app.vyond.com

D. Click the cookie editor and click delete.

E. Click Import and past the cookies you copied before.

Cookies Setup
Photo: Cookies Setup

F. Now get a new tab and go to this link again. https://app.vyond.com

Hey, congratulations you just got the Vyond Access and now see the dashboard of Vyond.

G. Now Create a folder by your name.

Photo: Create New Folder

H. Create a video and always move it to your folder for more content safety. Also, it helps to find your content as soon as possible.

Photo: Move to folder

Hope you will find out how to get Vyond Access by cookies. If you facing any issues further then knock out the Facebook Page support team.

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