Jaw-Dropping Secrets to Designing a Show-Stopping YouTube Thumbnail That Will Skyrocket Your Views!

Youtube Thumbnail

Creating an eye-catching YouTube thumbnail is a crucial step toward garnering views on your channel or film. It is the first impression that potential viewers will gain knowledge about your content; after all, who would want to watch something they already know exists?

After all, what’s more discouraging than encountering a familiar face and hearing them utter: “I don’t watch this.” Or perhaps there’s even more apprehension related to not enjoying what you see – which ultimately culd lead someone else watching it.

Despite the seemingly obvious answer, how can you create a captivating YouTube thumbnail that will entice people to click play? Don’t despair! With just a little effort and perseverance, you can achieve success with these tips.

1. Use a Custom Thumbnail Template

Want to spice up your YouTube thumbnail design and excite more viewers? Not only should you consider creating a different image than the one used by default – here’s another option: creating a custom design template! This could be a simple, static image of your brand that is uploaded to YouTube as part of a campaign – or even more complex; it could be an animated thumbnail that exists solely in the realm of YouTube ads.

With the Custom Thumbnail Template feature, you can craft your ideal thumbnail from scratch. Discover creative ways to evolve this tool and create spectacular results for your videos, Instagram stories and other visual content.

2. Use a Custom Thumbnail Size

Don’t use the default thumbnail size – make it fit your niche! By utilizing custom thumbnail sizes, you can ensure that no two YouTube thumbnails are alike.

To begin with, let’s take a look at the different thumbnail sizes at hand:

Standard: 22 x 22 pixels

Custom: 40 x 40 pixels

Full Screen: 48 x 48 pixels

3. Capture Your Personality in Your YouTube Thumbnail

As you craft your YouTube thumbnail, consider the topic of your video and adopt a style that will mirror it.

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Are you showcasing a travel experience? Then consider incorporating photos from your journey into an artistic portrayal of it as well; vice versa for those who desire commentary-focused content! Should you choose to create a video about singing or playing an instrument, then choose an image representative of that skill – all while maintaining consistency between thumbnails.

4. Share Key Details in Your YouTube Thumbnail

Why should you invest in a catchy and attention-grabbing thumbnail when the true potential of YouTube lies in its content? Sharing key details about your clip can provide viewers with necessary information regarding who you are, what it is all about and why it’s worth watching!

Consider sharing juicy tidbits like:

Provide a brief synopsis of your video for those who are just tuning into YouTube. Indulge more discerning viewers by providing them with subtitles or even captions – both will help to enhance comprehension. If need be, utilize bits of dialogue from the video to further inform viewers as well as highlight relevant keywords.

5. Give Your YouTube Thumbnail a Facelift Every So Often

It is critical that your YouTube thumbnail remains fresh and exciting. However, don’t be alarmed if it begins to look a bit tired after a month or so; all effective thumbnails begin with the same five-step process:

1. Prepare for an edit!

2. Design your art

3. Conceptualize search keywords

4. Understand what makes a good thumbnail 4. Optimize for display on YouTube

5. Finalize your masterpiece

Now it’s Your Turn!

It’s time to take matters into your own hands with the creation of a captivating YouTube thumbnail. To begin, lay out your choice of design and select a suitable video clip.

If you are creating a video-poster thumbnail, I would advise selecting a still image that represents the essence of your content. On the other hand, if you’re seeking to convey more information about your content through text or another form such as GIF’s then that’s when adding visual elements becomes even more worthwhile!


Although there are no definitive rules for creating an eye-catching YouTube thumbnail, savvy marketers have devised a plethora of schemes to maximize their video discovery rates. If you wish to up your game when it comes to enticing viewers into clicking on your profile, then let us offer some helpful tips!

Our app will be a boon to anyone seeking to upload content and elevate their audience engagement. With it, creators can make the most of their videos in a snap!

We hope this piece was both educational and piquant! If so, please share your thoughts below!

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